Electrical Works and Engineering

Modern electric facility design and construction require high technological skills and reliability, including the creation of more comfortable and high quality habitability, safety considerations such as security and disaster-prevention systems, and compatibility with an advanced information society. Since our company was established, we have offered electric facility construction in a wide range of fields nationwide such as public facilities, office buildings, commercial facilities, medical and welfare facilities, and various production facilities, and are now contributing to the creation of a people- and earth-friendly environment using our energy-saving know-how and our reliable technologies and rich experiences which we have accumulated over many years.

Bussiness Content

We are working on the design and construction of electrical and instrumentation equipment in various buildings and production facilities, and environment-related and PFI businesses.

Electric equipment

We design and construct electrical facilities in public facilities, office buildings, commercial buildings, entertainment facilities, hotels, condominiums, medical and welfare facilities, school and research facilities, road and harbor facilities, and various production facilities.

Power generation equipment works, power receiving and substation equipment works, direct current power equipment works, power equipment works, illumination equipment works, low-energy power equipment works (information, communication, broadcasting, security, acoustic), disaster prevention equipment works (automatic fire alarms, smoke prevention), parking control equipment works, lighting equipment works, etc.

Instrumentation equipment

We are design and construct instrumentation equipment in various facilities in the fields of steel, petrochemical, medicine, food, paper and pulp, and further environment related facilities such as waste disposal and sewage treatment.

Instrumentation equipment procurement, DCS, instrument panel, instrument room works, site works (instrument installation, connecting piping, pneumatic piping, electric signal wiring) and ancillary works such as heat insulation and painting.

Environment related business

We plan, propose, design, and construct solar energy power generation equipment, energy saving measures, and the ESCO business. Further, our Electric Power Division is positively expanding wind-power generation equipment, and our Air Conditioning Duct Works Department of Electrical Works and Engineering Division is positively expanding the eco multi heat pump system which realizes significant reductions in running costs and CO2 in terms of building hot-water supply and cooling and in terms of manufacturing processes in production facilities by highly efficient running of the maximum COP6.3.
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PFI business

We are proactively working on PFI (Private Finance Initiative) business, which performs building, maintenance, and operation of public facilities by fully using the funds, operational capability and technical ability of private industry.
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Major Works

?NAKA-MEGURO ATLAS TOWER ?Nagakute-cho Welfare House solar power generation equipment
?Idemitsu Tokuyama refinery Tokuyama factory ?Nobeoka City, new incineration plant
?Taiheiyo Cement Tosa Factory power generation plant ?Imari City, school catering center improvement project (PFI)
?Tokai Hokuriku Expressway Tsubakihara Tunnel ?Narita International Airport Runway incursion light
?Hyogo Prefectural Budokan ?AkiNada Bridge
?Rikkyo University, Law School ?The University of Tokyo, School of Science
?NTT Musashino R&D center ?Lurara Kohoku
?AEON Asahikawa west shopping center ?Chubu Rosai Hospital
?Hiroshima Red Cross Hospital & Atomic-bomb Survivors Hospital ?The Tokyo Metropolitan Main Building №1
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